Don’t back down and don’t give up on fully and truly loving yourself xxx

Dearly beloved,

We watch from Heaven above and see that there is yearning for many of you to seek love and feel love. Too many times you seek the love you wish to experience from outward sources. We must remind you that true love of yourself starts within before being reflected outwards. Pray to God and His Angels for help on loving yourself, and you shall experience love outwards in all forms, whether from family, friends or even a soulmate lover. Taking good care of yourself is also a sign that you love yourself: have a long soak in a sea salt bath with essential aromatherapy oils lit with tealight candles surrounding the edges of the bath. Give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure. Paint your nails a bright colour or any colour of your choice. Dress in a way that makes you feel special. Buy yourself some flowers or even a plant and tend to it. Dearly beloved, we are here for you and watch over you always.

With love and angel blessings,

Brigid and Aphrodite xxx

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Archangel Raphael- Dissolving resentment

2017 is going to be busy for most of you all and it is important and imperative to have a clear heart. Love is the only answer to living a peaceful life and with love comes forgiveness. You don’t need to forgive the actions of the person(s) that have hurt you and caused you harm, but let go of the hurt and resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness. If you are struggling,  I and the healing angels can help you. Just call upon us for help. Just say “Angels, please help me with …” and allow us into your mind, heart, and soul, and we shall come with a band of green healing light  and energy into your aura. Forgive my dear one, as you forgive you shall find that life works and all shall be well. Also use positive affirmations to change your consciousness and all shall be well.

Lots of love angels,



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A message from Lady Nada- Sisters and the feminine energy

All energy is receptive. It just depends on how you choose to look at it. Go within and harness your inner power. Don’t be afraid to let it shine. Now I want to talk to you about holding and harbouring grudges against others especially loved ones. They are a reflection of you and any ill feelings represents conflict within yourself. I can see from above, along with the rest of Heaven that you are particularly holding grudges and resentment against the female energies.  This could be a Mother, Sister or female friend. Let go my loved one. All it does is eat you up inside and manifest in your outer world as major problems and difficulties and challenges especially procrastination. Let go my loved one and heal. Forgive the feminine energy and forgive your sisters for we are all one. You can do it and never forget that we love you.

Love Lady Nada and the 8th realm. Xxximg_8881

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Guan Yin Message of Compassion

Dearly beloved,

so many shifts are occurring right now. Earth is elevating rapidly and so is the human race. This is causing major emotional and physical shifts in people’s lives. The key is to stay centred in your being and focused and asking for help. Help from God, the Angels, Jesus, Buddha, the Ascended Masters, the Goddesses and the Nature Angels and Spirits including the Faeries and also you can on myself.

Another important thing is to have compassion towards your parents. Although they may upset and annoy you at times, remember they are doing the best they can at this present time just like you are doing the best you can.

Have faith in yourself for faith bestows miracles. I can clearly see that many of your wants, needs and desires are manifesting. But I urge you to meditate on what you truly desire. One way to do this is by asking what does your heart say? What is your heart telling you? Once you do that, you can focus and work towards them ( your goals).

Beloved child of the universe, be open to receiving your good from Heaven and know that you deserve it. Be compassionate, be responsible, be loving.

With blessings from the universe. Until we meet again next time,

Guan Yin xxx

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Manifesting your goals and dreams

Manifestation Principles

Step by step principles of manifesting desires into reality.

  • Know what you want. Crystal clear intentions are essential in the manifestation process because all thoughts create your experiences whether you are aware of them or not. Be sure to choose carefully. If unsure of needs ask the universe to help you know what you want.
  • Have a visual anchor of what you intend to experience e.g. it may be a picture, a statue, an object or ornament etc. this help to magnify the visualisation process hence catalysing the manifestation process.
  • Imagine with all of the senses the desire being as very real and in its full size. Frequently look at the anchor when doing this.
  • Be aware of guidance and impressions in the various forms it may appear. Vision, voice, feeling, a intuitive knowing smell, plus many more. Take time to notice these impressions and signs.


Points to take into consideration

  1. Don’t try too hard to make things happen. Forcing and straining only blocks the process. It also stems from the fear and belief that the desire won’t come true by ego thoughts such as; it’s too good to be true or you have to suffer first.
  1. Don’t ask repeatedly from a place of fear or worry. Ask the angels or the universe to clear away your fears. Then stop asking for desire and put you energy into expecting your desire as you finally experience a sense of inner peace. Have an attitude of gratitude and faith. In summary, don’t fret repeatedly, expect repeatedly.
  1. Release the request completely to the infinite wisdom of the universe. Trust that the desire asked for is already answered and is already on it’s way to you
  1. Allow ‘self to be acutely aware of guidance and be sure to follow all of the guidance received. If you  receive several signs in a short period of time don’t be afraid to ask what the sign might mean
  1. Enjoy commanding and receiving your manifestation desires. 
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The Archangels are the powerful overseers of angels (including Nature Angels and also our Guardian Angels) in the Angelic realm.

Mankind are most familiar with the four archangels below;

*** Archangel Gabriel ***   *** Archangel Michael***   *** Archangel Raphael ***   *** Archangel Uriel ***

There are many Archangels whom we have yet to meet, yet the Archangels assure that as soon as our energy shifts from the physical into the universal we will be introduced to them. Some are already making their presence known as the Earth continues to shift and ascend alongside us as we become less dense and enlightened both physically and spiritually. Below is a table i have created that list’s basic information about the 15 main archangels, currently making their presence known.

if you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate contact at:

Enjoy connecting and receiving help from these remarkable beings and more.

Lots of love Daniera xXx

© Daniera Unlimited Jan 2009-01-19

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Summary of the 15 main Archangels

Here is some information summarizing the main 15 Archangels. May it be of some help to you. Daniera.


Archangel’s name:  Michael

Meaning of name: image/mirror/ likeness of God

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: to provide protection at the highest levels

Main aura colour: Call upon Archangel for help with: protection, fixing mechanical items, courage, eliminating fear/worry/anxiety/nervousness, vacuuming old energy out of body and aura, cutting cords of fear/shielding/clearing energy, spirit releasement

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: Sugilite/ Carnelian


Archangel’s name:  Azrael

Meaning of name: helper of God 

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: Angel of death. helps new souls to cross over and go to the light

 Call upon Archangel for help with: comfort, comfort especially from the loss of loved ones, overcome difficulties, surmounting problems

Main aura colour: off-white/cream

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: yellow calcite


Archangel’s name:  Jophiel

Meaning of name: beauty of God

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: helping to see the beauty in everything/everyone

 Call upon Archangel for help with: beauty/ beautifying thoughts

Main aura colour: fuchsia/ dark pink

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: dark pink crystals, such as rubellite


Archangel’s name:  Raziel

Meaning of name: secrets of God

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: psychic development

 Call upon Archangel for help with: life purpose/direction, developing all psychic abilities, alchemy, magick, manifesting, astral travelling/soul projection, developing clairvoyance

Main aura colour: rainbow

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: clear quartz


Archangel’s name:  Gabriel

Meaning of name: strength of God

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: communication/pregnancy

 Call upon Archangel for help with: improving communication, help with creative projects, to oversee children (assisting pregnancy from conception to birth and after)

Main aura colour: goldish yellow/copper

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: natural citrine


Archangel’s name:  Ariel

Meaning of name: lioness of God

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: Environmentalism, protecting nature and her inhabitant’s esp. water ones.

 Call upon Archangel for help with: environmental causes, healing animals- wild and domestic, prosperity/abundance/money issues, animals, prosperity, productivity

Main aura colour: baby pink

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: rose quartz


Archangel’s name:  Sandalphon

Meaning of name: None. Sandalphon is the prophet Elijah

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: help to heal through the use of the invisible realm e.g. music

 Call upon Archangel for help with: Healing aggression, overwhelming emotions such as anger, depression & grief. He guides you to a certain music genre to listen to help you heal faster. Music, unborn baby’s sex

Main aura colour: turquoise

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: turquoise


Archangel’s name:  Metatron

Meaning of name: None. Metatron is the prophet Enoch

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: overseeing the upbringing of children of the new age, that is indigo, crystal, rainbow, moon, blue children plus many more

 Call upon Archangel for help with: chakra clearing, nurturing and raising the children of the new age, lightworkers, energy clearing

Main aura colour: dark green and pink

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: watermelon tourmaline


Archangel’s name:  Chamuel

Meaning of name: seer of God

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: to recover losses such as dreams/desires/wishes
and material things

 Call upon Archangel for help with: finding lost items/returning/guiding them to you, uniting with soul mates/romantic partners love, life purpose, recovering lost things

Main aura colour: pale green

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: fluorite


Archangel’s name:  Haniel

Meaning of name: grace of God

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: nurturing the feminine energy

 Call upon Archangel for help with: women, sensitivity, psychic development nurturing the feminine energies, female moon/menses cycles, psychic clairvoyance/intuition/development

Main aura colour: bluish white

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: moonstone


Archangel’s name:  Raguel

Meaning of name: friend of God

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: maintaining peace and harmony in relationships, all situations 

 Call upon Archangel for help with: healing conflicts/arguments/tiffs, developing clairsentience,
peace and harmony in all relationships 

Main aura colour: pale/aqua blue

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: aquamarine


Archangel’s name:  Jeremiel

Meaning of name: mercy of God

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: help heal emotions back to a love basis

 Call upon Archangel for help with: increasing faith, life reviews, solutions to problems/issues
reassurance, life review

Main aura colour: dark purple/violet

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: amethyst


Archangel’s name:  Tzadkiel 

Meaning of name: righteousness of god

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: intellect and mental functioning

 Call upon Archangel for help with: enhancing/healing memory, students and their studies, developing clairaudience, hearing angels, intellect and developing memory

Main aura colour: dark blue/indigo

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: lapis- lazuli 


Archangel’s name:  Auriel

Meaning of name: light of God

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: to bring light to situations, bring peace and light to negativity and conflict

 Call upon Archangel for help with: step by step guidance to safely heal problems/ exit negative situations
shining light upon a situation

Main aura colour: pale yellow

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: amber


Archangel’s name:  Raphael

Meaning of name: healer of God

Main function/primary role on earth & angelic realm: to heal maladies/illnesses/health.

 Call upon Archangel for help with: healing all situations including material/domestic/animals,
all types of healing, connecting healers together, guidance about eating and drinking healthfully, keeping healthy habits, and motivation to exercise regularly

Main aura colour: emerald green

Main crystal aligned with Archangel’s energy: malachite/ emerald

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