A message from Lady Nada- Sisters and the feminine energy

All energy is receptive. It just depends on how you choose to look at it. Go within and harness your inner power. Don’t be afraid to let it shine. Now I want to talk to you about holding and harbouring grudges against others especially loved ones. They are a reflection of you and any ill feelings represents conflict within yourself. I can see from above, along with the rest of Heaven that you are particularly holding grudges and resentment against the female energies.  This could be a Mother, Sister or female friend. Let go my loved one. All it does is eat you up inside and manifest in your outer world as major problems and difficulties and challenges especially procrastination. Let go my loved one and heal. Forgive the feminine energy and forgive your sisters for we are all one. You can do it and never forget that we love you.

Love Lady Nada and the 8th realm. Xxximg_8881


About Daniera

A final year full time student studying BSc Environmental Management who is spiritual. (I believe in God and not necessarily religion. I'm interested in New Age topics such as Crystals and Crystal therapy, Reiki, Chakras, Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Candle ceremonies.) I have been working with the angels and the Universal Energies since 2005.
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