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A final year full time student studying BSc Environmental Management who is spiritual. (I believe in God and not necessarily religion. I'm interested in New Age topics such as Crystals and Crystal therapy, Reiki, Chakras, Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Candle ceremonies.) I have been working with the angels and the Universal Energies since 2005.

A bright Spring message from the Deity Guanyin Bodhisattva. 18.04.2018

Yes. I have much to tell you. I have been surrounding and looking down on Earth for a very long time and shall continue to do so until every last inhabitant is enlightened. It is my duty to ensure that Light … Continue reading

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Don’t back down and don’t give up on fully and truly loving yourself xxx

Dearly beloved, We watch from Heaven above and see that there is yearning for many of you to seek love and feel love. Too many times you seek the love you wish to experience from outward sources. We must remind … Continue reading

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Archangel Raphael- Dissolving resentment

2017 is going to be busy for most of you all and it is important and imperative to have a clear heart. Love is the only answer to living a peaceful life and with love comes forgiveness. You don’t need … Continue reading

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A message from Lady Nada- Sisters and the feminine energy

All energy is receptive. It just depends on how you choose to look at it. Go within and harness your inner power. Don’t be afraid to let it shine. Now I want to talk to you about holding and harbouring … Continue reading

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Guan Yin Message of Compassion

Dearly beloved, so many shifts are occurring right now. Earth is elevating rapidly and so is the human race. This is causing major emotional and physical shifts in people’s lives. The key is to stay centred in your being and … Continue reading

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Manifesting your goals and dreams

Manifestation Principles Step by step principles of manifesting desires into reality. Know what you want. Crystal clear intentions are essential in the manifestation process because all thoughts create your experiences whether you are aware of them or not. Be sure … Continue reading

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archangels The Archangels are the powerful overseers of angels (including Nature Angels and also our Guardian Angels) in the Angelic realm. Mankind are most familiar with the four archangels below; *** Archangel Gabriel ***   *** Archangel Michael***   *** Archangel Raphael … Continue reading

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