The Archangels are the powerful overseers of angels (including Nature Angels and also our Guardian Angels) in the Angelic realm.

Mankind are most familiar with the four archangels below;

*** Archangel Gabriel ***   *** Archangel Michael***   *** Archangel Raphael ***   *** Archangel Uriel ***

There are many Archangels whom we have yet to meet, yet the Archangels assure that as soon as our energy shifts from the physical into the universal we will be introduced to them. Some are already making their presence known as the Earth continues to shift and ascend alongside us as we become less dense and enlightened both physically and spiritually. Below is a table i have created that list’s basic information about the 15 main archangels, currently making their presence known.

if you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate contact at:

Enjoy connecting and receiving help from these remarkable beings and more.

Lots of love Daniera xXx

© Daniera Unlimited Jan 2009-01-19


About Daniera

A final year full time student studying BSc Environmental Management who is spiritual. (I believe in God and not necessarily religion. I'm interested in New Age topics such as Crystals and Crystal therapy, Reiki, Chakras, Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Candle ceremonies.) I have been working with the angels and the Universal Energies since 2005.
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