Manifesting your goals and dreams

Manifestation Principles

Step by step principles of manifesting desires into reality.

  • Know what you want. Crystal clear intentions are essential in the manifestation process because all thoughts create your experiences whether you are aware of them or not. Be sure to choose carefully. If unsure of needs ask the universe to help you know what you want.
  • Have a visual anchor of what you intend to experience e.g. it may be a picture, a statue, an object or ornament etc. this help to magnify the visualisation process hence catalysing the manifestation process.
  • Imagine with all of the senses the desire being as very real and in its full size. Frequently look at the anchor when doing this.
  • Be aware of guidance and impressions in the various forms it may appear. Vision, voice, feeling, a intuitive knowing smell, plus many more. Take time to notice these impressions and signs.


Points to take into consideration

  1. Don’t try too hard to make things happen. Forcing and straining only blocks the process. It also stems from the fear and belief that the desire won’t come true by ego thoughts such as; it’s too good to be true or you have to suffer first.
  1. Don’t ask repeatedly from a place of fear or worry. Ask the angels or the universe to clear away your fears. Then stop asking for desire and put you energy into expecting your desire as you finally experience a sense of inner peace. Have an attitude of gratitude and faith. In summary, don’t fret repeatedly, expect repeatedly.
  1. Release the request completely to the infinite wisdom of the universe. Trust that the desire asked for is already answered and is already on it’s way to you
  1. Allow ‘self to be acutely aware of guidance and be sure to follow all of the guidance received. If you  receive several signs in a short period of time don’t be afraid to ask what the sign might mean
  1. Enjoy commanding and receiving your manifestation desires. 

About Daniera

A final year full time student studying BSc Environmental Management who is spiritual. (I believe in God and not necessarily religion. I'm interested in New Age topics such as Crystals and Crystal therapy, Reiki, Chakras, Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Candle ceremonies.) I have been working with the angels and the Universal Energies since 2005.
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